The Cree arrives for Civilization VI with the Rise and Fall expansion

Last week, Firaxis took a break from unveiling new civilizations to announce the arrival of an additional leader for India with the upcoming Civilization VI: Rise and Fall expansion. This week, the developer is back to show off another new faction: Cree, the first Native American group to be featured in this iteration of Civilization.

The Cree is led by Poundmaker, who's leader ability, Favorable Terms, provides shared visibility with any allied civilizations. Also, extra food will be presented to the Cree when trading with cities that have camps and pastures, while the recipient will receive additional gold.

The Cree's national ability is Nihithaw, giving the civilization an additional trade route from the get-go, as well as a free trader when the Pottery is researched. Moreover, any unclaimed tiles surrounding a Cree city will be taken over whenever a Cree trade unit passes over it. Although the ability only extends to three tiles away from a city, it still sounds extremely strong.

Mekewap arrives as the Cree's unique improvement, supplying additional housing, production, and gold for any luxury resources near it. It will also provide additional food when adjacent to bonus resources.

Lastly, arriving as a replacement for the Scout unit is the Okihtcitaw. When produced, this recon unit starts off with a free promotion, and is stronger in combat than the unit it replaces.

All in all, with the ability to spam trade routes in every direction to capture land, as well as tough early game units, the Cree is shaping up to be a very powerful addition to the game.

Carrying the Cree along with seven other new civilizations, the Rise and Fall expansion's release isn't too far away, with it launching on February 8 for $29.99 on the Steam store.

Source: Civilization

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