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China upgrades The Great Firewall, requires new software

While most of you are still reeling from excitement from Apple's releases at their WWDC today, there are some people who may find it a little more restrictive to get the most out of their computers in the future.

In a seemingly superlative effort to construct: "a green, healthy, and harmonious Internet environment, and preventing harmful information on the Internet from influencing and poisoning young people." The Chinese government have plans to impose further restrictions on the way its people use their computers by passing legislation which will require that all personal computers sold within the country, as of July 1, be shipped with software blocking access to certain websites. This move could well give the Chinese Government unprecedented control over how its people use the internet.

This news posted on the Wall Street Journal's website, discusses the issues involved with passing legislation and restricting people in this manner.

The primary target for the software will be pornography says the main developer of the software, a company which has ties to the Chinese security and military ministry.

According to the original article, Susan Stevenson a spokeswoman for the US embassy in Beijing says, that the embassy are looking into this and assessing the restrictive power of the software. "We would view any attempt to restrict the free flow of information with great concern and as incompatible with China's aspirations to build a modern, information-based economy and society."

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