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The moral question of a screw up

As a systems administrator, your responsible for your network, and the data thats on it. How do you respond to a mess up ( which is ultimatly your fault), which has wide reaching implications? Say (as the article below covers) your system starts leaking valuble customer's credit card numbers onto the web? Whadya do? Do you patch the leak, get on with it and say no more? Or do you risk coming clean, and face the reprocussions - e.g. a drop in customer confidence in the company causing a drop in business? Its an interesting question.

"Dana started like many computer system administrators do, providing tech support to employees. Then, life was simple — rebooting computers, installing software, recovering lost data. But one day, Dana discovered that the lost data included customer credit card numbers, and they most likely had been stolen by a computer criminal. Now what? Warn the customers, and lose the job, or quietly fix the problem and hope for the best?"

News source: Slashdot

View: Article @ MSNBC.com

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