The newly released Linux Kernel 4.12 is huge - 795 lines of code were added every hour

Greg Kroah-Hartman, one of the prominent maintainers of the Linux Kernel, has posted a new chart containing data about the Linux Kernel from version 4.7 to 4.12. The latest release which launched this past Sunday, version 4.12, saw a huge 795 lines of code added to the kernel every hour, and 19,093 lines added every day.

Some of the other data for the release is as follows:

  • Commits: 14,570
  • Number of files: 59,806
  • Number of lines: 24,170,860
  • Lines added: 1,202,920
  • Lines removed: 168,962
  • Lines modified: 141,550
  • Number of developers: 1,821
  • Changes per day: 231
  • Changes per hour: 9
  • Lines added per day: 19,093
  • Lines removed per day: 2,681
  • Lines changed per day: 2,246
  • Lines added per hour: 795

The big release comes with a lot of new features and improvements, among the notable ones are improvements to the F2FS (flash-friendly file system), initial support for GeForce GTX 1000 w/ Nouveau, initial Radeon RX Vega support, as well as support for the Intel RealSense SR300 camera, Razer Sabertooth controller, and Mad Catz Brawlstick.

In the Linux 4.12 release statement, Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux, said:

“As mentioned over the various rc announcements, 4.12 is one of the bigger releases historically, and I think only 4.9 ends up having had more commits. And 4.9 was big at least partly because Greg announced it was an LTS kernel. But 4.12 is just plain big.”

With 4.12 out the door, work on the next version, 4.13, has begun. The merge window for the next release is now open, and over the coming weeks we should see release candidates pushed out to allow for testing.

Source: Google+ via OMG Ubuntu

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