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BioWare teases new Platinum difficulty for Mass Effect: Andromeda multiplayer missions

BioWare has revealed that a new difficulty mode is arriving for Mass Effect: Andromeda's Apex multiplayer missions. Soon, players will be able to tackle Apex missions on the Platinum difficulty level, which will be joining the currently available difficulty levels of Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Platinum difficulty's arrival was announced with a quick teaser trailer, seen above. The trailer doesn't reveal much, except for a quick shot of a Batarian.

For the unfamiliar, Apex Missions are wave-based multiplayer missions where players are given challenges to complete. There have been numerous Apex Missions added to the game since its launch back in March.

Although the arrival of a new difficulty mode may be welcomed by fans of the game's cooperative multiplayer portion, many fans may instead be interested in additional single-player campaign experiences, as evident by the dislikes being garnered by the YouTube trailer.

Unfortunately, those looking forward to any upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda DLC may be disappointed, as some reports from last week claimed that the studio has canceled the development of all future DLC; do note, however, that the report is yet to be confirmed by EA or BioWare, so perhaps take the bad news with a grain of salt.

BioWare also revealed a brand new IP at E3 last month going by the name, Anthem, which has the lead writer of Mass Effect 1 and 2 working on the game.

Source: Mass Effect (YouTube)

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