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The real reason Lulzsec called it quits, they were exposed?

It was only yesterday that Lulzsec made an announcement that they were calling it quits. The group stated that after 50 days of exposing many different companies and government agencies, they were shutting things down and calling it a day.

There has been a lot of speculation as to why the group would shut things down so quickly, although they did expose several more groups on their last day. A posting on Pastebin (via Reddit) may shine a little bit of light on why the group so quickly up and left. According to the post, The A-Team claims to have all the information on most of the members of Lulzsec.

To understand who/what lulzsec/gn0sis are/is you need to understand where they came from.  Everything originates from the *chan (4chan/711chan/etc.) culture.  This internet subculture is pretty much the dregs of the internet.  It's a culture built around the anonymity of the internet.  If your anonymous no one can find you.  No one can hurt you, so your invincible.  The problem with this ideology, is it' on the internet.  The internet by definition is not anonymous.  Computers have to have attribution. If you trace something back far enough you can find its origins...So we've been tracking and infiltrating these kids since the gawker hack.  We have the D0x (as they call it)on everyone except Sabu and Kayla.  First we'll go with the kid who did the gawker hack: Uncommon.

Not only is the group claiming to have the information, but they also posted all of it up for everyone to see. The information contains everything needed by authorities to locate the individuals, but at this time, we can not confirm if the information is true. 

The information unveils nearly every aspect of the individuals lives. If the information holds true, Lulzsec may have been a victim of their own success. But if this information is not true, The A-Team may have just ruined the lives of several individuals.


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