Thermaltake HardCano 2 Review

Tweakers Australia has just posted a review of Thermaltake's HardCano 2 - an aluminium Hard drive cooler, with dual LCD temperature readouts. Here's a snip:

    A lot of you would already be aware of the huge rise in case accessories, and sometimes novelties ranging from clear windows, extra fans, neon lights and other glowing stuff. Additionally, I'm sure that some of you have heard of the MacPower Digi-Doc, the Lian-Li T4 Thermometer or even the Enermax Dual Temp Monitor Rack... well if you haven't, these are devices that are used to jazz up the outside of your case, whilst doing something useful at the same time. Thermaltake is a name we have traditionally associated with heatsinks, but now, they too have stepped up their creativity levels with a range of bay mounted hard drive coolers that double as a temperature monitoring device as well. So today, were going to take a look the first model from Thermaltake, the HardCano 2.

News source: Tweakers Australia

View: The review

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