Tiny spy computer funded by DARPA, called F-BOMB

DARPA has a long history and has always been on the forefront of new technologies, either in helping develop them or by funding others to do research on their behalf. Everyone knows that DARPA-funding is what helped create the Internet we all use today, but many other technologies owe their success to this organization as well. Now Fobres is reporting that we can add cheap, disposable spy computers to the list.

The computer, called the F-BOMB ("Falling or Ballistically-launched Object that Makes Backdoors."), uses the PogoPlug as its base, adds in a few antennae and eight gigabytes of memory for the guts. The case can be created using a 3D printer or can be housed inside of inconspcuous devices like plug-in carbon monoxide detectors. The F-BOMB can be designed with different modules depending on the mission. It can sniff Wi-Fi networks, determine location via GPS, or even collect weather information. The idea behind the device is to allow the military to drop them from drones and have them still work when plugged in. The devices can also be modified to use simple AA batteries that will keep the device working for a few hours.

The best part, according to the creator, is that due to the low price it doesn't matter if the devices are damaged or lost. In addition, there's no identifiable information on the device if it happens to be captured.

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