Today's No Man's Sky update delivers motorbikes and updates to exocrafts

Hello Games have been delivering a steady stream of updates to No Man's Sky since the release of the massive NEXT update, which introduced full multiplayer and released the title on the Xbox One. However, today's 1.63 update is a bit more substantial than the usual bugfix patches that have been arriving, with the studio implementing an exocraft overhaul as well as a brand new vehicle to tear through the landscape.

Named the Pilgrim, this new exocraft is essentially a motorbike that can be purchased through the Blueprint Analyzer. Alongside the new addition, the developer has added an upgrade system to all exocrafts, similar to the ship upgrade system, where players can purchase upgrade modules to tweak and tune the "top speed, boost power, fuel efficiency, gun damage" and other stats.

Players can also now call exocrafts to any location on a planet by building a summoning station. Customization options are also in, with players getting the ability to change colors, add decals, and change what the boost looks like, reminiscent of Rocket League's customization system.

There are quite a number of more changes as well, such as increased exocraft inventory space and an experimental change to the terrain tessellation on PC. The full changelog, which includes a gigantic list of bug fixes, can be read at the bottom of this page here.

The No Man's Sky exocraft centered 1.63 update is now available to all owners of the game on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 for free.

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