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Tokyo Game Show Preview

With the Tokyo Game Show just three weeks away Gamespot has taken some time to look at what games will be on show at the event, which could become the world's largest games expo with the downsizing of E3 next year. Unsurprisingly Sony's PS3 games will be vying for our attention, and seem to be making up the most of Gamespot's list.

It is make or break time for Sony and their third party developers with this show one of the last times to showcase what the PS3 is all about and what we can all be expecting when it hits our shelves in November. Sony will no doubt be bringing out the big names again at this exhibition, and probably the biggest name of them all is Snake, no, not the incredibly terrible movies on show at the cinema, but Solid Snake and chums from the Metal Gear series. Hideo Kojima, the mastermind behind Metal Gear will hopefully be showcasing some more glimpses from Sony's flagship title.

Other big names no doubt making an appearance will include Squaresoft's Final Fantasy XIII, and the impressive looking Resistance: Fall of Man, which many believed stole the show at E3 with its fresh new FPS concept and compelling story trailer.

In the other park Gamespot would lead us to believe that Microsoft and Nintendo will be taking a back seat at TGS. Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 will be on show, and it will be interesting to see how it compares to some beautiful trailers coming from FIFA that are circling the net.

Nintendo and their third party developers are being their usual selves and are as tight lipped as usual, so Gamespot has only mentioned Red Steel, which will be a unique FPS experience, and Trauma Centre: Second Opinion which follows on from where the DS left off, cutting people up as a doctor using your Wiimote.

But the excitement will be found during the press conferences where it is anyone's guess what announcements will be made, will Nintendo announce the Wii launch date? Will Microsoft spoil the show with a mention of Halo, and will Sony fit a few more hundred ducks in a bath. Come back in three weeks time to find out.

View: Gamespot's TGS Preview

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