Total War: Warhammer II's new Laboratory mode lets you experiment on armies

Creative Assembly released its latest strategy title, Total War: Warhammer II, back in September to critical acclaim, and while the developer is working on expansions packs for old games and making an all-new spin-off series, it today announced a brand new game mode heading for Warhammer II.

Titled The Laboratory, the mode arrives free of charge to all players on December 14. The game mode's main draw is that it lets players tweak their armies for some drastically different combat scenarios that haven't been seen before in a Total War game.

As seen in the above trailer, players can tweak their forces individually using 16 sliders, and each one elicits various extravagant behaviors. These include changing unit sizes, increasing the intensity of explosions, and even reducing gravity to see units flying through the air when they get hit.

However, the developer warns that players without beefy PCs may get lower FPS than usual, and might even experience crashes while messing around in this mode, so try not to go crazy when tinkering with the sliders.

More information about the Laboratory mode can be found in the new FAQ that the developer has prepared on its official website.

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