Twitch announces change to HTML5 and new private messaging system at first ever TwitchCon

Yesterday’s keynote address at TwitchCon 2015 outlined a series of changes to the ever more popular game streaming service. The first will be a complete overhaul of the technology they use to deliver real time video, completely moving from the legacy Flash-based solution they are using now to a new HTML5-based system. The second change will be far more noticeable for current users, as the private message system is getting a number of welcome overhauls. -

The change from Flash follows a long line of Internet video delivery sites abandoning the decades-old, proprietary technology in favor of the cross-platform standard of HTML5. Netflix started making the change from Silverlight, Microsoft’s flash competitor, to HTML5 delivery years ago, YouTube also made the change to HTML5 in January. The new delivery technology allows Twitch to start offering its service to more platforms without relying on third party application support.

Twitchwill also make the messaging system significantly more useable as Twitch continues to grow. The synchronization between the PC and Mobile clients will turn the instant messaging system into something that the users can really use for day-to-day communication.

The last major change announced will allow streamers to choose custom thumbnails for their old broadcasts and highlight videos. According to the keynote delivered by CEO/Founder Emmett Shear and Director of Programming, Marcus Graham, these changes will start rolling out to the service in Q2 of 2016.

Source: Endgadet

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