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Twitter launches new landing page

It doesn't matter if you love or loathe Twitter, but the service is popular and is growing by leaps and bounds. It wasn't long ago that Twitter unveiled a new landing page but quickly pulled it after users were facing many issues with the popular platform.

It now looks though as if Twitter has ironed out all of those bugs and has finally re-launched its new landing page. The new page now directs you to "follow your interests" and offers up a search bar right on the landing page. Along with the new search bar, scrolling across the bottom are accounts of popular users or organizations that Twitter hopes your will find interesting. 

While the remainder of the website has not changed, the front page offers up a refreshing re-design that keeps to Twitter's strengths. The short messaging service has found a unique niche in the marketplace and has been able to exploit it and grow to levels never thought possible. While the service is simple, the design and interaction are intuitive, a vital part to any new service.

While the new design is a simple update, it keeps to Twitter's core competencies and should be safe from the failures of Digg and Gawker redesigns.


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