Twitter rolls out improved HTTPS support

Twitter today announced the introduction of improvements to its HTTPS access by allowing users to permanently access the site via HTTPS. In a post to their blog, the company detailed the changes that will allow for secure access to its service.

To activate permanent HTTPS access, users will need to visit their account settings and check the "Always use HTTPS" box. Previously, users had to use the URL to access the site securely, so today's change will allow users to switch on encryption and forget about it. Twitter recommends HTTPS specifically when "using Twitter over an unsecured Internet connection, like a public WiFi network, where someone may be able to eavesdrop on your site activity."

The protocol will be constantly in use with the Twitter for iPhone and iPad app, as well as on the main Twitter login page. Eventually, the site hopes to roll out HTTPS to everyone regardless of preference, in a bid to improve security for users who may be unaware of the encryption feature, or for those who don't understand its benefits.

Until then, there are some kinks that need to be ironed out. Currently, the mobile Twitter site still uses the old HTTP protocol regardless of preference. Customers will have to use the HTTPS URL in the meantime. Twitter also warns that HTTPS may not be offered by users' client of choice, and to check with the developer.

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