Unravel Two announced and released at EA Play 2018, adds co-op play

Unravel, the puzzle-platformer from 2016 that put players in control of a creature made of yarn named Yarny, has gotten a sequel, with EA announcing Unravel Two at its EA Play presentation today. The most surprising part of the announcement was that the game launched during the presentation, and although store pages don't seem to be up just yet, they should soon be available.

Just as before, players will be using the unraveling yarn of the character to complete puzzles, traverse the environment, and avoid any dangers that might pop up. However, a big change up from the original is that now there are two playable characters.

Either a single player can control both or let another person join in as the new blue Yarny. Judging by the on-stage gameplay demo and the new trailer, there a lot of interaction between the two characters will be required as they go through the world.

Unravel Two is out today on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 for $19.99. Meanwhile, EA Access and Origin Access subscribers can try the game out thanks to the new trial for the game that is also available.

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