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Unreal 2 close to general release

UNREAL 2 is set for release on the 4th of February in the US and the 7th of February in Europe, it has emerged. The long awaited and much hyped game was the first to give id's Quake series a run for the money. And just when id managed to get Quake 3 Arena on the market, Legend stepped up with Unreal Tournament.

Both games have their fans but it's Unreal Tournament that tends to get used for benchmarking serious machines these days. It's a hardcore gamers game. While online gamers might create the most noise, offline gamers outnumber and outspend the cyberspace players, and it looks like Unreal 2 will satisfy both those camps.

ISO News has released a review of Unreal 2, which you can find here . Unofficial copies are also in the hands of enthusiasts, the INQUIRER knows. The review not only looks at the graphics, the audio and the game itself, but has screenshots too.

News source: The inq.

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