UT2003 Patch in Beta

Thanks synthetic who sends us word direct from the official forums is that the first UT2003 Patch is in Beta. Here's a huge list of the changes:

  • suicides count against team score in TDM
  • fixed attenuation flak chunk damage over distance
  • reduced minigun spin up time slightly
  • made shock beam effect thicker
  • always keep dynamic light for shock projectile, even in low detail mode
  • translocation destination adjustment bug fix
  • "kdraw collision" disabled in MP
  • player dies before ball gets through hoop should still get credit for throw
  • fixed redeemer point blank shots
  • double tap time invariant to gamespeed
  • get rid of 03_2 use (duplicate of "three" sound)
  • fixed problems with overtime not ending on first score in some situations
  • fixed transloc camera sometimes taking two taps
  • fixed 4 rocket bug
  • fixed instagib really is instaGIB
  • fixed 10 seconds before can speak again
  • fixed killz in CTF-December, CTF-Face3, and BR-IceFields
  • clamped max view bob
  • fixed tokara forest switching to CTF
  • fix for balllauncher switchaway bug
  • fixed problem with teammates grabbing the flag right when you score
  • fixed No Adrenaline mutator not allowing other mutators to work
  • fixed getting correct bots on configured bot games with no bots on one team
  • fixed falling damage bug
  • straightened lightning bolt
  • fixed shieldgun impact charging effect fps slowdown
The rest of the changes are in read more (many)

View: ina-community thread

News source: Planet Unreal

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