Verizon posts up 4G teaser page

Verizon has made it known that it has full intentions of launching its 4G network in 2010 and has posted up a teaser page for its new LTE network. The website gives little detail about the actual roll out but it wouldn't be unexpected to see Verizon launch the service in cities nationwide later this year.

Verizon describes the service as "Limitless. Powerful. Revolutionary.". Most interesting about that statement is the limitless part as Verizon has been rumored to be introducing data buckets in the near future. Beyond that, Verizon boasts that the 4G service will support an abundance of bandwidth and will reduce your lag while surfing the web.

Verizon has built its reputation on solid voice and data coverage. While not the first to launch a 4G network, that award goes to Sprint, its probably a safe bet that Verizon will be ambitious with its coverage so that it lives up to its reputation.  

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