Vuforia's new SDK lets Microsoft's HoloLens recognize real-world objects

Microsoft is continuing to push HoloLens in the enterprise and manufacturing world as a powerful tool that can revolutionize the way people work. As part of that strategy the company announced earlier this year it was partnering with Vuforia, an enterprise-focused, augmented reality (AR) platform. Now, the latest version of Vuforia’s SDK is out for the public, with support for HoloLens development.

Microsoft’s HoloLens is an impressive piece of technology, but so far it’s mainly been aimed at companies, enterprises, manufacturing plants and other industries that have specific needs. The high cost of a mixed reality HoloLens headset, and current limited capabilities have relegated the device to the professional market – but Microsoft is very happy to dominate that growing market.

Now, Vuforia, which boasts to be an enterprise-focused augmented or mixed reality platform, with over 275,000 developers, has put out a new SDK version with support for HoloLens. One of Vuforia’s main features is that it allows AR device to recognize objects in the real world, and surface relevant information about them. This offers some very powerful use cases that can transform and simplify the way people work. For example, using Vuforia, a HoloLens headset can recognize each individual part of a motor and present the user with information, suggestions, possible issues that need addressing and so on.

Microsoft hopes this added capability and precision will makes its HoloLens headset even more attractive and useful for businesses and enterprises everywhere.

Source: Microsoft, Vuforia

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