Walmart: $98.87 Toshiba HD DVD Player

Walmart has yet again proved that it can afford to make ludicrous price drops and leave the competition dazed. I was trying to figure out yesterday why there was no longer a mention of an HD DVD player over at Walmart's website. The answer came in the form of an excited post by one of our members on the forums. This Friday, don't be surprised to hear reports of a human stampede towards your local Walmart store.

The largest grocery retailer in the United States has done the unthinkable by pricing an HD DVD player, which not so long ago cost half a grand, within only 2 digits. That's right, forget Toshiba's sub-$200 HD-A2 and embrace the sub-$100 HD-A2. The device may be an outdated product, but it will definitely be sold out before the holidays. The fact that Toshiba (or Sony for that matter) has yet to start cutting prices in time for the shopping craze that is December is probably the most important piece of information here. The recent price cuts have been all done by retailers and they chose HD DVD.

UPDATE: Best Buy joins the club

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