Watch the Xbox One power up fast and search for Felicia Day via Kinect

Microsoft is launching the Xbox One in just over a week, but the head of the company's Xbox Live programming Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb continues to post up quick video clips on Vine and Instagram that show just how quick the console can handle certain tasks with its Kinect voice command features.

Earlier this week, Hryb showed how the search capabilities of the Xbox One could be used to quickly find any content on Xbox Video related to a specific person, in this case actress and geek ambassador Felicia Day.

Then Hryb went to Instagram to post a small video to show how quickly the Xbox One can power up to the Start screen and sign into Xbox Live after saying "Xbox On". The process takes just over 13 seconds to complete. Hryb claims that it's "faster than you can find your controller" although we do wonder if that would really stand up in a real world test.

Microsoft has been using these social media outlets to showcase what the Xbox One can do in the days leading up to the launch of the console on November 22nd. It's likely we will see more of this kind of promotional activity in the next week or so.

Source: Instagram and Vine

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