Weekend downloadable PC games sales for June 15-17

Yes we know; we missed posting our downloadable PC weekend sales news post last week. Blame it on our E3 2012 coverage. Anyway, we are back and ready to show you how to save some money this weekend on a bunch of cool PC game titles.

There's yet another game you can play for free on Steam this weekend. This time its Napoleon: Total War, the historical RTS game from developer The Creative Assembly. You can play the full game from now until 4 pm ET on Sunday. You can also buy the Napoleon: Total War Imperial Edition, with 10 exclusive units, for just $9.99 from now until 1 pm ET on Monday.

Steam also has the city simulation Cities XL on sale this weekend for just $10 and you can also do the same for Counter-Strike: Source for $6.80. Finally, Rune Classic, combining the original Viking-themed action game from Human Head Studios with its Halls of Valhalla expansion, has been added to Steam and is 20 percent off from now until June 20th.

GoG.com has a bunch of older Ubisoft published games, including Beyond Good and Evil, the first Assassin's Creed game and more for 50 percent off their already low prices. GameStop has a lot of games on sale this weekend, including a number of Valve-developed titles, along with Payday: The Heist for $9.99 and more.

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