Wii Sports: the best selling game of all time

Wii Sports, the popular sports game bundled with the Nintendo Wii console in most countries, has now shipped 40.52 million units making it the biggest selling console game ever.

According to data from VGChartz, 40 million copies have been sold in the 110 weeks it has been on sale. The game is packed into the Wii console package in all countries apart from Japan and South Korea where it is available on general sale. The game has now overtaken Super Mario Bros. to top the list, with Mario only at 40.24 million units. Super Mario Bros. was also bundled with a console, but in 1985 the NES was the popular console of choice.

The top 5 list is completed with the original Pokemon series (Blue, Red, Green) at number 3, Tetris at number 4, and the classic Duck Hunt at number 5. The rest of the top of the list is filled with various Mario, Pokemon and Grand Theft Auto games amongst others.

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