Wii U tablet controller redesign revealed via Twitter leak

The tablet controller for Nintendo's upcoming Wii U game console has apparently gotten a redesign. A QA tester for game developer TT Games (the LEGO series of games) posted up an image of what the new version of the Wii U tablet controller looks like over the weekend via his Twitter page. The post, and the image, have since been removed but the cat is out of the bag as other websites such as Joystiq have already copied and posted the image, showing off the new look of the controller.

The Wii U, and its unique looking controller, was first revealed at E3 2011 last June. The biggest change since E3 to the controller is the circle pads on top are now sporting true analog sticks, which should make a lot of gamers very happy.

Some other minor changes include moving the plus and minus buttons to the right side of the controller, rather than putting them in the center. There's also two rather odd looking square indentations with rounded edges on the new controller, one to the left side and one on the bottom right. Their function is a mystery for now.

Nintendo has been silent about the Wii U console since E3 2011, aside from repeats of the same E3 demo at some other trade shows. The company is expected to reveal more about the console at E3 2012 at its press conference on Tuesday, June 5.

Image via Joystiq

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