Windows 10: Cortana now syncs reminders

Microsoft released Windows 10 for phones yesterday, provided you had the right hardware, and one of the features that now works is syncing Cortana reminders from the desktop to your phone.

If you have a phone and PC with Windows 10 installed, if you set a reminder, it will show up on both your phone and desktop. The same goes for places as well; if you add or remove a place on one of your devices, it will sync across all devices. However, we should point out that 'places' will sync to a Windows Phone 8 device too but 'Reminders' do not.

While this functionality seems obvious, and was expected, this functionality shows the power of Microsoft's ecosystem and by using a Windows 10 phone with your Windows 10 desktop, there are tangible benefits that are not possible when using an iOS or Android device. That is, of course, unless Microsoft finds a way to bring this functionality to other platforms - and seeing how they have gone fully cross-platform for nearly everything they do, this wouldn't surprise us.

We are still playing around with Windows 10 for phones as we suspect there are quite a few more features that were not announced that are built into this release. If you happen to find any, make sure to send us a tip.

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