Windows 10 Insider Preview coming tomorrow to add built-in Beam streaming and more [Update]

Microsoft today announced that both Windows and Xbox Insiders will receive updates tomorrow, adding quite a few gaming features. The news comes just two days after the first Creators Update preview was offered for the Xbox One.

As we noted in our hands-on video with the update, built-in Beam streaming is coming soon. Windows Insiders, however, will get that feature, as well as Game Mode, tomorrow in what is reportedly build 15019.

Here's everything that will be arriving for Xbox and Windows Insiders tomorrow:

Built-in Beam streaming (Xbox One, Windows 10 PC): Beam is the easiest and quickest way to stream gameplay, and it’s part of Insider builds starting tomorrow on your Windows 10 PC, with Xbox One functionality releasing to preview soon. For the creators out there, we wanted to make it easier for you to start your live game streams without any delays so you can quickly connect and engage with your viewers no matter where they are. On Beam, streams have under one second of delay; using our brand new streaming protocol dubbed “FTL”, you can interact with livestreams as if you were in the same room as the caster. What’s more, any stream can incorporate simple interactive features such as sound boards. Starting tomorrow on Windows 10 PCs, you can start Beam broadcasts by pulling up the Game bar — Windows key + G. And coming soon on Xbox One, you can also begin streaming directly from inside the Guide. The ability to manage your Beam broadcasts and interact with fellow gamers on chat will appear as overlays.

Game Mode (Windows 10 PC): Last year, we set out to make Windows 10 the best Windows ever for gaming. With Game Mode, it’s our goal to now take things a step further to make the gaming experience on Windows even better. Our vision is that Game Mode optimizes your Windows 10 PC for an improvement in overall game performance. Tomorrow’s Windows Insider build represents the first step on our journey with Game Mode. To enable Game Mode for your Win32 or UWP game, pull up the Game bar (Windows key + G) and click on the Settings button. There you’ll be able to opt the running game into using Game Mode. We’ll have additional details about Game Mode to share throughout Insider testing, so stay tuned.

Gaming section in System Settings (Windows 10 PC): Tomorrow, inside the main Windows System Settings, a new section is being added: Gaming, identified with the Xbox logo. Starting tomorrow, you’ll find settings for Game bar, GameDVR and broadcasting in this new Gaming area, with Game Mode coming in a future update. We’re also beginning to consolidate some system and user settings for gaming in this unified location, where PC users are accustomed to accessing their settings. We’ll continue to develop and deploy Gaming settings over time, as we continue to gather gamer feedback.

New Cortana gaming enhancements (Xbox One): In the coming days, we’re adding additional Cortana updates to enhance your gaming experience even more, such as voice controls for Party commands and using Cortana to play music. We’re streamlining the UI and improving things behind the scenes to make your experience better. In case you missed it, we also added for select Xbox Insiders a few new Cortana updates to Xbox One earlier this week, including setting reminders. Now, by using a simple command such as “Hey, Cortana, remind me to start the Destiny Strike at 7 p.m.,” gamers can ensure they never miss out on a match with friends again.

Screen time (Xbox One): Parental controls are a huge priority for us at Microsoft, as we strive to offer the most comprehensive and customizable family features possible so gamers of all ages feel safe and secure when using our platforms. That’s why the family timer we know and love is coming to Xbox One as screen time, updated for today’s digital family. Parents familiar with screen time for Windows 10 will find a similar set of controls for Xbox. Set daily time allowance and limits on the web for each child—your Xbox will pick those limits up and enforce them whenever the child is signed in. Screen time for Xbox One will be available soon. To prepare, head over to, sign in with the account you use for Xbox Insider access, and make sure your children’s accounts are all set up as a part of your family. When Xbox screen time is available, you’ll be able to manage it there.

While the announcement does say that there will be updates for both Xbox and Windows Insiders tomorrow, you can see from the changelog that most of the Xbox features will be arriving at a later date. This shouldn't be too surprising though, as there was just a major preview release for Xbox, so we can't assume that major features have been developed within just a couple days.

The Gaming section of Windows 10 Settings seems interesting though. This would be where you'll find broadcasting settings and such. You'll also notice that the currently-named Holographic section will now be called Mixed Reality.

Built-in Beam streaming is probably the one feature listed that's important to the most users, as streaming from your console can be a bit complicated. Microsoft aims to simplify this.

The new Windows 10 build, presumably 15019, should be available around 1 pm ET tomorrow, and Xbox is typically later on in the day.

Update: According to a tweet from Larry Hyrb (AKA Major Nelson), it appears that the update has been postponed and will be made available later this week:

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