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Windows 8 now running on around one percent of all PCs

We have already reported on the numbers from StatCounter which claim that Windows 8 is currently running on 1.44 percent of all PCs worldwide, a month after its launch. Now Net Applications has just released its own PC operating systems stats for the month of November, and they are pretty much in line with what StatCounter has recorded.

Net Applications' graph shows Windows 8 is now being run on a total of 1.09 percent of all PCs worldwide. There's also a line item on the list called "Windows 8 Touch", which the firm says has a 0.02 percent market share. It's possible that this listing is actually Windows RT, rather than Windows 8. We have emailed Net Applications for a clarification on this matter. Net Applications previously recorded Windows 8 was in use by 0.41 percent of PC users in October, and by 0.33 percent in September.

Not surprisingly, Windows 7 is the number one PC OS on Net Applications' list in November. The actual percentage of its market share is 44.71 percent, up slightly from the 44.69 percent share Windows 7 had in October. Windows XP continues its pretty steep downward spiral on the list. It is still at number two but Net Applications shows it has a 39.82 percent market share, compared to 40.66 percent in October. Windows Vista is still a distant third with 5.70 percent, compared to 5.80 percent in October.

Mac OS 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8 were next on the list at 2.19, 2.18 and 2.14 percent, respectively. Linux is just ahead of Windows 8 at 1.25 percent. It's likely that Windows 8 will jump ahead of Linux on Net Applications' PC OS list later in December.

Source: Net Applications | Image via Net Applications

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