Facebook misinterprets picture of woman in bath as explicit

While technology is advancing at an incredible rate these days, there are still incidents where it doesn’t always make the right decision.

Such was the case when the social network removed a picture of a woman in a bath due to the appearance of her elbows. The site identified it as pornographic content and nuked the image since it violated the site’s Terms of Service.

You’re likely wondering why someone posted a picture of themself in a bath. The simple reason is that they wanted to test whether Facebook checks for indecency, or simply the appearance of it.

Realising their error, the network restored the picture and apologized to its uploader. You can view the picture here; when the world's largest social network misinterprets the content, we don't want to tell you that your colleagues will be understanding either.

You're using Facebook on their terms, so it pays to know what you can and cannot upload. Repeat offenders could lose access for repeatedly posting content deemed unacceptable, so you'd better be careful when you're in the bath with a camera beside you.

tl;dr: view the picture here.

Source: Fox News

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