Windows Blue gets a few more mentions, dances around new features

Windows Blue has never been officially confirmed by Microsoft for many reasons. For one, it is codename of an upcoming release and Microsoft typically won’t acknowledge these names until well after the product is released, if ever.

But, just because Microsoft is not willing to confirm the name, we can look elsewhere to learn more about the update. The recently resurrected and quite sharp MSFTKitchen, has been plowing across the net in search of more clues and has found a few on LinkedIn.

The codename was spotted on several users’ profiles, including two from Microsoft and one from Intel. While the information does not provide any deep insights into the Windows 8 update, it does appear to confirm that Windows Blue is the widely used internal codename for the next update.

One tidbit we can takeaway is that it looks like Blue will introduce new WWAN/LTE architecture to make it easier for OEMs to include these chips on laptops and presumably tablets.  

While we wait for Microsoft to announce the first major update to Windows 8, rumors are still suggesting sometime this summer it will be revealed, small bits of info like this will surely continue to surface right up until Microsoft makes the announcement.

Source: MSFTKitchen | Image via MSFTKitchen

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