Windows XP CRACKED in Far East!

It looks like just a few days after the WorldWide launch of Windows XP, that the Warez community has now finally got a CRACK for Windows XP, according to the Inquirer.

Now Bitarts Labs, (A UK copy Protection firm) has claimed that illegal installation files that bypass registration for WinXP were available within hours of it being for sale.

The files are on Web sites in the Far East and are now donloadable from Warez sites all over the across, Bitarts said. That means it's only a short step to pirated boxed counterfeit software being available in the bazaars of Asian countries.

John Safa, CTO at Bitarts, a Nottingham firm, said: "Crackers have studied and bypassed the security by using publicly available monitoring tools. The cracks are simplistic in their nature and reflect an uncanny naivety from the Redmond giant on the high level of technical intellect within today's cracking community."

News source: The Inquirer

View: Bit Arts Labs Press Release

View: Taipei Times Image of Windows XP Cracked

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