Wininfo Short Takes: Week of March 20th

A day late, sorry about that. I've been working on a project elsewhere (Neowin Related) but without further ado, heres Paul Thurrotts take of the previous week. The first directly from his blog because it's so interesting:

After a two-month experiment,

I've sold my recently acquired Intel-based iMac.
There were a number of reasons for this move, but mostly it was a
general frustration with OS X. I've actually been using Mac OS X since
mid-2001, and I've had a number of Macs come and go, including, now,
three iMacs. But for the past two months I actually used the iMac as my
general purpose PC, for email, Web browsing and research, and some
writing. While I believe it's possible for many people to be quite
happy on the Mac, it's not possible for me at all, and moving back and
forth between XP and Vista-based PCs and the Mac throughout the day is
just painful. There are just too many small differences.

but don't worry guys, Paul then states: "

For various reasons,

I'll pick up another Intel-based Mac before mid-year"

Sony: First Blu-Ray Player Will Cost $1000

this week revealed that it will begin selling its first Blu-Ray player
in July for the bargain price of just $1000. For those keeping score,
that's exactly double the price of the first HD-DVD drive, which
Toshiba will begin selling soon. The Sony BDP-S1, as the player is
enthusiastically named, will deliver a 1080p, or 1920 x 1080
progressive scan, display through its HDMI connection, though it will
also support analog output for those who haven't purchased a high-end
TV. I'm having a hard time getting excited about Blu-Ray. You may
recall that Sony this week also delayed its PlayStation 3 (PS3)
videogame console until November, citing delays in Blu-Ray's copy
protection technologies. My guess is that the cost of Blu-Ray played a
bigger role in this delay. Maybe Sony is hoping that Blu-Ray drives
will be less expensive to produce six months from now.

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