WP7 suffering from bluetooth woes

Microsoft's recently launched Windows Phone 7 has been on the market for several months and software giant is pushing the platform at every possible chance, but now users are now pushing back with some usability issues.

For the most part the platform has received overall positive reviews, that is unless you are trying to use the Bluetooth capabilities of the device. The Microsoft Answers help forum has been busy with users having Bluetooth issues. The most common issue is when pairing the device to a cars built in Bluetooth. Users are claiming issues of call quality being poor or that their phone is randomly restarting when paired with the car.

User CCarrara writes, "My focus also syncs up just fine with the car, but calls are difficult to hear due to poor sound quality.  It 'works', but very staticky." another user claims, "I am in the UK and have a Samsung Omnia 7 phone and have exactly the same issue described above. I have 2 colleagues with exactly the same issue. I also know of many people with HTC Mozart phones with the same issue which is that we can hear audio fine but the audio transmission is really badly distorted. The same Bluetooth kit works fine with Windows Mobile 6.5, Blackberry and iPhone 3GS, so I have to lay the blame squarely at the door of Windows Phone 7. "

The amount of complaints come across many devices and from a sizeable amount of users. While Microsoft hasnt officially commented on the issue just yet, post in the forums do indicate that they are looking into the issue as a Microsoft Support moderates states "I am gathering more information about this issue, will update you as soon as possible!"

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