You can now transfer web pages between Chrome on different devices

Google's Chrome browser will be receiving a nifty little trick for enabling cross-device productivity. The browser's desktop version on Windows 10 can now send a webpage to its mobile counterpart with the click of a button.

The new feature is being rolled out without much fanfare from Google, so it's likely only in limited testing at the moment. That would also explain why the change is rolling out via a server-side update, and not an update to the browser itself, making it all a rather fortuitous affair.

In order to see if Google has enabled it for you, you need to be logged into your Google account on both your PC and the phone. In that context, you can try right-clicking on a link to bring up the contextual menu that would normally show the options to open the link in a new tab and so on. What you might also find there is a new option to send the link to your mobile device.

Once you select that option, you should receive a notification on your phone pertaining to it. Clicking on it should open the shared webpage in the mobile version of Chrome.

Interestingly, the way in which this feature works is quite similar to the Shared Clipboard flags we recently reported about for Chrome Canary. It remains to be seen if that was simply referring to this ability to share webpages between devices or if Google is also working on full-fledged clipboard sharing between devices.

And we would certainly be remiss if we didn't mention that Microsoft's Edge browser has had a similar capability for a while, allowing you to share webpages between devices and even to your phone, if it had Edge installed. Microsoft recently also brought back the Share button to Edge Chromium, making it even easier to share webpages between apps when using Edge.

Source: Windows Latest

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