You can now use Steam Link no matter where you are, as long as there's internet

Valve may have discontinued production for the Steam Link hardware, but the firm is still keen on supporting it with new updates, and today it added a major new feature that most will likely be happy to hear about. With build 688 of the Steam Link software, which is now available in beta form, you'll now be able to use Steam Link Anywhere, a service which lets you stream games from your PC to the Steam Link box no matter where you are.

The only restriction for this to work, according to Valve, is that the network where your computer is has a "good" upload speed and you have a good network connection for the Steam Link itself. Then, you can just add a new computer using the "Other computer" option in the setup screen and follow the instructions.

The announcement only mentions the Steam Link hardware as being compatible, but some users have responded to the thread saying that the feature is also available for the Steam Link app for Android. Valve has been focusing more of its efforts on the Steam Link apps for various platforms, so it seems logical that the capability will make its way to more devices as time goes on.

Game streaming has been becoming fairly popular, and companies seem to be betting on the ability to stream them from the cloud. Nonetheless, being able to stream your game library from your own personal computer no matter where you are seems a natural step in that direction.

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