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Melbourne, Australia
16 July 2010
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I am an 18 year old Australian gaming enthusiast and technology lover. I have been writing for the last 6 months for my own website and I now write for this website, NeoWin, so if you wanna talk games, tech or anything else, send me a PM and I will be happy to chat with you!

Add me on PSN: Sitris

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Batman: Arkham City coming Fall 2011

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The new cover for Game Informer magazine has been revealed and with it comes the announcement that the much anticipated sequel to last years Batman: Arkham Asylum will be released fall of next year. Furthermore, the...

New iPods, iPhones and iPads rumored

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iLounge is reporting that they have inside information about brand new models for the iPods, iPhones and iPads from Apple. These products are said to be releasing in late 2010 and early 2011. The rumored details...