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Neowin Mad dog NVIDIA Geforce 4 Series Review

For my first review for Neowin, I have received two Geforce 4 series video cards from Mad Dog Multimedia, Inc

Mad Dog Raptor Ti-4200

First Impressions:

From looking at the aggressive graphics on box to the cutout window displaying the gold heat sink & fan, you can tell this card means business. Everything about the packaging & appearance shouts "Fast, quality card"

What's in the Box:

The Mad Dog card is based on the NVIDIA Reference design using a gold PCB. Cooling is provided by a large Golden HSF covering the Geforce 4 Ti 4200 CPU (NV25) running at 250mhz. Sitting aroung the GPU is 64MB of 4ns Samsung DDR 500mhz memory. This card uses the AGP 4X interface.

NVIDIA Predator MX440 8X AGP

First Imperssions:

As you can see the packaging looks very similar to the Raptor Ti-4200, but unlike the Ti-4200 there is no window. This is a big shame. The striking red NVIDIA Geforce 4 MX 440 would really look good.

What's in the box?

The layout of this card follows the same NVIDIA reference board as used by most manufacturers. The MX440 a very small chip, so it is cheap to make and easy to cool. In fact, NVIDIA's reference card for the GF4 MX400 with AGP 8X has only passive cooling, no fan needed. Nevertheless, Mad Dog has wisely added a compact and very quiet HSF, which should help with cooling.

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