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MailSpring is an open source email client application which support Windows, MacOSX and Linux. Mailspring supports all IMAP providers, including Gmail, Office 365 and iCloud. It sports features such as an unified inbox, snoozing, reminders, templates, offline search, and support for Gmail labels. Mailspring is free for Mac, Windows, and Linux. However, if you use features like Snooze, Send Later, Send Reminders and Read Receipts often, you'll need to purchase a subscription to Mailspring Pro within the app. Mailspring Pro costs $8/mo and helps support the development of Mailspring.

About Mailspring ID

When you install Mailspring for the first time, you'll need to create a Mailspring ID. Your Mailspring ID is separate from your email account(s) and you can use any email address or password you'd like. Mailspring does not store your email passwords in the cloud. It syncs only the minimal amount of data required to power features like snooze, send later, etc., and uses a hashing mechanism to identify emails and associate it's metadata across installs.

If you create a Mailspring ID and later decide you don't want one, you can sign in to the Mailspring ID dashboard ( at any time and permanently delete your account and all data associated with it.

Mailspring 1.3 changelog:

Mailspring 1.3 brings an overhauled search bar with powerful autocomplete that makes it easier to create advanced search queries.

  • In addition to searching for freeform text and using the Gmail query language (subject:, in:, is:, from:, to:), Mailspring now allows you to search by date using natural language terms like since: "last week" and before: "february 5th". Try combining them with other terms to search a specific time window!
  • You can now right-click a thread to search for other threads from that sender or with that subject.
  • You can now focus the search bar and conduct searches entirely with keyboard shortcuts (use Escape to exit the search bar!) #960

Mailspring now uses Electron 2.0.2, which delivers some great bug fixes and new features

  • Chrome 61, Node 8.9.3, V8 6.1.534.41 with improved performance and lower memory footprints
  • Better GTK+ theme support, including support for menu styling
  • Better support for Linux desktop notifications
  • The app will no longer cancel restart or shutdown


  • Mailspring no longer clips some messages containing images incorrectly. #569
  • The Reply-To header is now shown when you expand the message headers. #973
  • Dropping images onto the composer now reliably inserts them as inline attachments. #822
  • Mailspring now correctly opens attachments with filenames containing emoji on Windows.
  • You can now drag and attachment out of Mailspring by it's quicklook preview as well as it's title.
  • Using Mailspring on Windows in a user account containing accent characters or other special characters no longer prevents attachments from being cached. #810
  • Mailspring no longer throws an exception when trying to display a message with attachments but no downloaded body. #804
  • The "hamburger" icon in the top right of the main window no longer appears gray-on-gray in the "Ubuntu" theme. #801
  • Auto-hiding of the menu bar now works correctly on Linux. #938
  • Clicking on the open/link tracking "detail dot" now shows individual tracking events correctly. #945
  • The Print window no longer contains an incorrect menu bar on Windows. #958
  • Signatures with Facebook and Twitter profiles now display the service favicons reliably when viewed in Gmail and Outlook. #968
  • Invalid themes no longer "brick" the app - Mailspring will present an alert with the error and offer to revert to the basic theme. (Mailspring-Theme-Starter#1)

Download: Mailspring 1.3 | Other Operating Systems | 85.2 MB (Open Source)
View: Mailspring Homepage | Mailspring Screenshot

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