MPC-BE 1.5.3

Media Player Classic - BE

Media Player Classic - BE is a free and open source audio and video player for Windows. Media Player Classic - BE is based on the original "Media Player Classic" project (Gabest) and "Media Player Classic Home Cinema" project (Casimir666), contains additional features and bug fixes. The BE mod (Black Edition Mod) is a skinned version of Media Player Classic Home Cinema, much better looking than the plain old MPC.

MPC-BE 1.5.3 changelog:


  • Added support for metadata written in json format.


  • Improved chapter support.
  • Fixed playback of very small files.


  • Added support for Xunlei XV files.


  • Added support for mixed H.264 3D MVC streams.
  • The initial size of the read data for local files is increased to 60 megabytes if there is a HEVC stream in the PMT.
  • Added support for MPEG-PS with mu-law streams.
  • Improved navigation on files with corrupted blocks.


  • Added support for the 'r210' video codec for MOV files.
  • Added support for trimming the frame (atom 'clap').
  • Added support for MP4 dash files, with separate segments for each track.
  • Added support for Avid DNxHR video ('AVdh').
  • Added color space support (atom 'colr').
  • Added support for HDR Light Level (atom 'clli').
  • Added support for HDR metadata (atom 'mdcv').


  • Added full support for DAV (DHAV) files.


  • Always decode DTS Express streams to PCM.
  • Improved DTS-HD HRA bitstream compatibility.
  • Improved TrueHD+Atmos bitstream.
  • Added MLP bitstream.


  • Changed the format of the brightness, contrast, hue and saturation.
  • The filter built into the player is now only connected for DVD-Video. In other cases, for MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 MPCVideoDec will be connected.


  • Removed option "H264 deblocking disable method".
  • Added option "Skip B-frames".
  • Corrected row order when converting RGR to RGB32.
  • Added support for AVrp codec (Avid 1: 1 10-bit RGB Packer).
  • Improved support for getting color space from the upstream filter.
  • Added support for the HuffYUV MT codec ('HYMT').
  • Added patch, any I-frame in the H.264 stream is defined as a keyframe. This speeds up navigation on some files.
  • Added support for "Mirillis FIC" video ('FICV').
  • Updated Intel MVC decoder.
  • Accelerated decoding AV1. Now dav1d v0.2.0 library is used.
  • Added support for Avid DNxHR video ('AVdh').


  • Added support for 'Y1 [0] [16]' (16-bit gray).
  • Removed direct support for planar RGB48, now planar RGB are supported only through MEDIASUBTYPE_LAV_RAWVIDEO.


  • Fixed status display during bitstream and audio track switching in the player.
  • The buffer size is calculated more correctly when the DTS-HD is used.
  • The option "Do not check format support" has been expanded.


  • Changed the mechanism and synchronization settings.
  • Improved the quality of screenshots of anamorphic frames.
  • Correction shaders are also used when creating screenshots and thumbnails.


  • The size of very large subtitles is limited, otherwise they are incorrectly displayed.


  • Updated support for Youtube.
  • Correct the output of unsupported characters.
  • Improved work with youtube-dl.
  • Improved work with live broadcasts.


  • Fixed FlyBar when choosing Hebrew translation.
  • Improved definition of the choice of the main video when opening a Blu-Ray structure.
  • Added the ability to assign a hotkey to the "Open Iso image" command.
  • Improved automatic display mode switching. When the display is turned off, the settings are not lost.
  • The page "variables.html" of the web-interface has been improved.
  • Playlist now supports dark theme. Improved playlist rendering at high DPI.
  • Fixed the operation of the button for resetting the list of media types for filters loaded on the file path (not registered in the system).
  • Fixed the "Exclusive fullscreen" option when switching via "FlyBar".
  • Added "dark" menu.
  • Fixed the calculation of the window size when the "Limit window proportions on resize" option is active and the active playlist stuck to the left or right.
  • Added the ability to increase the font size in the playlist.
  • Added a command to get MediaInfo data in the playlist menu.
  • Improved shuffle algorithm.
  • The AC3 / DTS format group and the DTS / AC3 ​​filter group are divided into the AC3 and DTS / DTS-HD groups.
  • Added support for ".dtsma", ".eac3" and ".weba" extensions.
  • The ability to save up to 1000 bookmarks for media files is returned.
  • Added support for the option "Allow Windows to fix blur in applications", which appeared in Windows 10.
  • Settings item "Null (compressed)" renamed to "Null (any)".
  • Implemented getting the disk name from the file "BDMV\META\DL\bdmt_eng.xml".
  • Increased buffer size for open file dialog.
  • Added the ability to use multiple playlists. Added new "Explorer" playlist type.
  • Added the ability to search in the playlist.
  • Added support for BMP format for audio covers.

Updated libraries:

  • ffmpeg git-n4.2-dev-1150-g391f884675;
  • dav1d git-0.2.1-12-gbd12b1e;
  • libflac git-1.3.2-98-g421961f0;
  • libpng git-v1.6.36-805-g8439534da;
  • Little-CMS git-lcms2.9-29-gb5b36cd;
  • MediaInfo git-v18.12-100-ga0d9b962;
  • rapidjson git-v1.1.0-461-gbfdcf491;
  • ZenLib git-v0.4.37-34-g641e243;

Download: MPC-BE 1.5.3 32-bit | Portable MPC-BE 1.5.3 32-bit | ~12.0 MB (Open Source)
Download: MPC-BE 1.5.3 64-bit | Portable MPC-BE 1.5.3 64-bit | ~16.0 MB
Link: Media Player Classic - BE Home Page

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