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Snagit 2024.0


Snagit is the most complete screen capture utility available. Showing someone exactly what you see on your screen is sometimes the quickest and clearest way to communicate. With Snagit, you can select anything on your screen – an area, image, article, Web page, or error message – and capture it. Then, save the screen capture to a file, send it to Snagit​'s editor to add professional effects, share it by e-mail, or drop it into PowerPoint®, Word®, or another favorite application. Capture and share images, text or video from your PC. Create beautiful presentations, flawless documentation and quickly save online content. The latest version of Snagit offers a totally new interface and workflow - making SnagIt easier for beginners to use, while still providing maximum convenience and flexibility for the screen capture experts.

Snagit 2024.0 new features:

New In-Product Tours and Improved Learning Center

  • Get started with ease. This new guided experience introduces Snagit's powerful, feature-rich tools by seamlessly leading users step by step to achieve their desired outcomes.
  • Learn what's new, find tutorial links, and access tours any time in the redesigned learning center.

Combine Videos

  • Snagit's new Combine Videos window makes it quick and easy to select, order, and combine multiple clips into a single video.
  • Relax: Record and combine multiple short clips. There’s no need to get it perfect in a single take.
  • Save time: Reuse or rearrange video clips as needed.
  • Collaborate: Import and combine videos from coworkers to create a shared presentation.
  • To launch the Combine Videos window, on the video playback toolbar click Add Videos, or select Video menu > Combine Videos.

Recent Tray Capture Pinning

  • Pin image and video captures in the Recent Captures Tray for quick access.
  • Reorder captures to organize project assets, then unpin them when you're done.

Click Animation

  • Show viewers exactly when and where you click while recording video, without relying on verbal cues.
  • Customize the animation color to increase visibility or match your brand colors.
  • Select this option from the Capture Cursor settings in the Capture Window, or turn it on and off from the video toolbar while recording.

Microsoft Teams Integration

  • Share images and video directly from Snagit to Microsoft Teams.
  • Streamline collaboration and accelerate decision-making by sharing to where you already work.
  • Select Microsoft Teams from Snagit's Share dropdown, or drag and drop from Snagit into the Teams application.

Notifications from Share Link

  • Never miss a beat with improved Screencast notifications and custom settings.

New Starter Theme and Quick Styles

  • Elevate your screenshots with Snagit's new default "Starter" Theme and Quick Styles to give a fresh new look to your tools and annotations.
  • Screen Draw tool colors and arrowheads are updated to match the new default Quick Style.

Stamps Refresh

  • Snagit 2024 comes loaded with new stamps to quickly add stylish touches to your images, with even more stamps available for download from the TechSmith Assets for Snagit site.
  • Stamps included in previous versions of Snagit are still available for free on the Assets site.
  • Shadow property is now off by default for all Stamps.

Feature Updates

  • Snagit no longer prompts you to select a location for your Snagit Library.
  • Refreshed the video playback toolbar to provide a modern feel while ensuring clarity of function.
  • Added a Video menu with options and keyboard shortcuts to play back, edit, and combine video.
  • Automatically apply unsaved cuts when combining videos.
  • Updated the video recording toolbar to distinguish webcam, microphone, and cursor toggles from their dropdown option buttons.
  • Added support for sharing to OneDrive Personal.
  • Improved performance and stability when sharing to OneDrive for Business and SharePoint.
  • Updated the Share to Slack window to allow selecting from either Channels or Direct Messages.

Performance Improvements

  • Improved synchronization of screen recording and system audio recording.
  • Improved synchronization of microphone and system audio in long recordings.

Updates for IT Administrators

  • Updated Pango library to version
  • Updated Cairo 2D graphics library to version
  • Updated Fontconfig font customization library to version
  • Updated Freetype font rendering library to version
  • Updated Iconv library to version
  • Updated Intl library to version
  • Updated Glib library to version
  • Updated Harfbuzz opentype text shaping library to version
  • Updated Libexpat XML parser library to version
  • Updated Libffi interface calling library to version
  • Updated Libpng library to version
  • Updated Zlib library to version
  • Updated OpenCV library to version 4.8.0.
  • Removed International Components for Unicode (ICU) files associated with the previous version of ABBYY.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Capture Preference setting “Allow Snagit to override other hotkey assignments” did not properly override the Print Screen key on Windows 11.
  • Disabled the Effects option in the View menu when the Cut Out tool is selected.
  • Fixed an issue to correctly update thumbnails in the Recent Captures Tray when the beginning of a video is trimmed.
  • Updated Arrow tool Quick Styles to correctly display dashed lines.

Download: Snagit 64-bit | 507.0 MB (Shareware)
Links: SnagIt Home Page | Release Notes

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