Stellarium 0.19.2


Stellarium is a free open source planetarium for your computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope. It is being used in planetarium projectors. Just set your coordinates and go.

Stellarium key features:

  • Realistic simulation of the sky, sunrise and sunset
  • Default catalogue of over 600,000 stars
  • Downloadable additional catalogues for up to 210 million stars
  • Catalog data for all New General Catalogue (NGC) objects
  • Images of almost all Messier objects and the Milky Way
  • Artistic illustrations for all 88 modern constellations
  • More than a dozen different cultures with their constellations
  • Solar and lunar eclipse simulation
  • Photorealistic landscapes (more are available on the website)
  • Scripting support with ECMAScript (a few demo scripts are included)
  • Extendable with plug-ins: 8 plug-ins installed by default, including:
  • artificial satellites plug-in (updated from an on-line TLE database)
  • ocular simulation plug-in (shows how objects look like in a given ocular)
  • Solar System editor plug-in (imports comet and asteroid data from the MPC)
  • telescope control plug-in (Meade LX200 and Celestron NexStar compatible)

Stellarium changelog:

  • Added support DMS and DD formats for parallactic angle feature
  • Added altitude limitation filter for AstroCalc/Graphs[AltVsTime/ME] tools
  • Added visual improvements for AstroCalc/Graphs tool
  • Added new time intervals for AstroCalc/Ephemeris tool
  • Added computation of ephemeris for all naked-eye visible planets into AstroCalc/Ephemeris tool
  • Added GUI for select the color of ephemeris markers into AstroCalc/Ephemeris tool
  • Added 2 new scripts (Saturnian and uranian analemmas)
  • Added 'k Pup' designation to star HIP 37229 (GH: #706)
  • Added information about progress of loading on splash screen (GH: #719)
  • Added a new skylore for Stellarium: Anutan
  • Added support catalog "Southern Stars embedded in nebulosity" (Van den Bergh and Herbst, 1975 - VdBH)
  • Added support "Catalogue and distances of optically visible H II regions" (Dickel+, 1969 - DWB)
  • Added distances for few LDN objects
  • Added support removing shortcuts through config.ini file (GH: #724)
  • Added extraInfoString to StelObject: Allows extra info injected by plugins or scripts.
  • Added display of Apex/Antapex points (GH: #737)
  • Added "observers" for all planets with moons (GH: #736)
  • Added IAU constellation abbreviation to object info
  • Added 3 new actions
  • Added settings for Script Console (GH: #741)
  • Added Vanuatu (Netwar) skyculture (GH: #762)
  • Added few asterisms (GH: #753, #768)
  • Added new one time step into AstroCalc/Ephemeris tool (GH: #758)
  • Added few new DSO textures (GH: #756, #780)
  • Added support Vec3d into scripting engine
  • Added a Messier Marathon script (GH: #771)
  • Added support for short weekday display modes in bottom toolbar
  • Added GUI option to toggle permanent orbit drawing
  • Added hyperbolic comet C/2019 Q4 (Borisov) [2I/Borisov] into default ssystem_minor.ini file
  • Added a scripting function for refraction (GH: #778)
  • Fixed coloring text issue when formatting output is on
  • Fixed saving properties for external software/remote computer in Telescope Control plugin (GH: #702)
  • Fixed behaviour of selected ephemeris marker when sorting not for date (AstroCalc/Ephemeris tool)
  • Fixed sorting date and time columns for AstroCalc/Ephemeris and AstroCalc/Phenomena tools
  • Fixed crash on destruction of static QWidget (GH: #720)
  • Fixed small difference of values issue for different time zones for Date and Time column in AstroCalc/Ephemeris tool (GH: #717)
  • Fixed stupid conversion bug in hmsToRad function (GH: #716)
  • Fixed an asymmetry w.r.t. to the ecliptic latitudes (Moon age)
  • Fixed Search Tool/Lists behaviour for VdBH catalog
  • Fixed distances for few DSO (GH: #708)
  • Fixed Gregorian date issue for AstroCalc (GH: #711)
  • Fixed support GPS on macOS (GH: #712)
  • Fixed coefficient for the duration of mean tropical year
  • Fixed issue for images in description for landscapes: set search directory (GH: #735)
  • Fixed tooltip behaviour for Date and Time dialog
  • Fixed star name to its source spelling (GH: #729)
  • Fixed compiling with GPSD 3.19 [API 8.0] (GH: #733)
  • Fixed encoding script files in Script Console (GH: #742)
  • Fixed drawing names of asterisms
  • Fixed aFOV display in Oculars plugin
  • Fixed visual issue in Script Console (white background) with Qt 5.13
  • Fixed links for scripting docs (SUG)
  • Fixed screen flashing during solar eclipse (GH: #747)
  • Fixed core.resetOutput(); method behaviour (GH: #750)
  • Fixed AltGr behaviour for some languages on Windows
  • Fixed clipping issue for LabelMgr.labelObject (GH: #776)
  • Fixed weekday computation
  • Fixed rendering planets orbits (GH: #773)
  • Fixed error in shape of asterism Red-Necked Emu (GH: #769)
  • Fixed proper removing of default secondary shortcut (GH: #764)
  • Fixed cross-id error in DSO catalog
  • Updated appdata.xml file
  • Updated outdated code for names of days and months
  • Updated Observability plugin
  • Updated list of proper names of stars (IAU approved list)
  • Updated Moon age calculation: let's use geocentric coordinates only for compute of the Moon age
  • Updated AstroCalc/PC tool: simplification and colorification for graphs
  • Updated AstroCalc/Phenomena tool: small speed-up
  • Updated the default color space: StelToneReproducer now use sRGB as target RGB color space (GH: #718)
  • Updated GUI for Satellites plugin
  • Updated common names for DSO
  • Updated common names for stars
  • Updated packaging for macOS: Let's use macdeployqt for creating a MacOS bundles
  • Updated nomenclature support: Let's use compressed nomenclature data to reduce an installation package
  • Updated translations
  • Updated planetary nomenclature
  • Updated Sardinian skyculture
  • Updated file handling in Script Console
  • Updated HDPI features: enabled scaling fonts on High DPI monitors (GH: #546)
  • Updated default shortcuts: changed default shortcut for copying selected object information (Ctrl+C -> Ctrl+Shift+C) to allow use Ctrl+C shortcut for text edit fields for whole planetarium (GH: #748)
  • Updated getInfoMap method [scripting engine]: enhanced the getInfoMap method for the Sun (get eclipse data; GH: #747)
  • Updated Chinese (Simplified) and Russian translations for Windows installer (GH: #755, #779)
  • Updated Bookmarks tool
  • Updated default exoplanets and pulsars catalogs
  • Updated behaviour on Windows: disable HiDPI scaling in manifest (GH: #763)
  • Updated Oculars plugin: improve RA/Dec output for CCD frame
  • Code refactoring: type checking/casting clarifications
  • Removed FOV plugin (the feature was moved into core of planetarium)

Download: Stellarium (32-bit) | 244.0 MB (Open Source)
Download: Stellarium (64-bit) | 248.0 MB
View: Stellarium Home Page | Other Operating Systems

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