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Pay What You Want for an Essential 2021 Excel Wizard Bundle

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Today's highlighted offer comes via our Online Courses section of the Neowin Deals store, where you can Pay What You Want for the Essential 2021 Excel Wizard Bundle. This 14+ hours of training will take you from zero to hero in Microsoft Excel dynamic formulas, functions, api reporting and more.

Unlock the following courses with a minimum of the average price:

  • Excel Magic 1: Build Dynamic Formulas with Excel
    Learn Intermediate toA Advanced Excell Skills that Will Help You Become a Professional

  • Excel Magic 2: Build Your Own Report Generating Bots with Excel
    Learn How to Build Your Own Report Generating Robot Through VBA

  • Excel Magic 3: Automating Data Entry with Data Feeds
    Learn How to Automate Data Entry & How to Connect to Sources to Obtain Real-Time Updates of Data

  • Excel Magic 4: Ultimate API Reporting in Excel
    Understand the Idea of API Reporting & Generate Low-Maintenance Full-Automated Financial Reports

  • Excel Magic 5: Building Interactive Budgeting Model in Excel
    Build an Interactive Model in Excel & Explore Methods to Consolidate Actuals and Budgets

  • Must-Know Formulas & Functions in Excel
    Know the Most Popular Formulas & Functions in Excel & Learn How to Use Them

  • Getting Results with Excel Pivot Tables, Power Query & Power Pivot
    Learn How to Analyze Rows of Data in Excel, Power Query & Power Pivot

  • Excel Magic Part 6: Speaking the 7 Languages in Excel
    Mastering Excel's Programming Language & Be an Expert User of Them

  • Learn to Use the Top 50 Microsoft Excel Formulas in 50 Minutes
    Learn the Basics of Microsoft Excel & Its Often Used Formulas

Pay What You Want (as little as $1) for the unlocked courses:

  • Using VLOOKUP, XLOOKUP & Other Functions
    Learn About VLOOKUP, XLOOKUP & HLOOKUP and Know How to Link Sheets & Consolidate Data

  • Excel Pivot Table: How to Tame the Excel Beast
    18 Taming Manuevers for Pivot Tables That You Have to Be Aware of

Here's the deal:

  • The full bundle represents an overall retail value of $2,189.
  • To unlock the full bundle is under $11.50 at the time of writing.
  • Beat the average price and you'll take home the entire bundle.
  • Beat the Leader's price and get entered into the epic giveaway.

Get this Essential 2021 Excel Wizard Bundle

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