1.5 million Android-powered smartphones reportedly sold

When Google, T-Mobile, and HTC unveiled the first smartphone running Android last month, Google's many fans were excited by the idea of a mobile phone tied to the online services they enjoy. Other were less enthusiastic, pointing out that Android is an untried operating system and the T-Mobile G1 is only going to be available from a single, relatively small wireless provider in the United States.

Nevertheless, there are enough optimists that 1.5 million G1's have already been pre-ordered, sight unseen. And this number would be higher, except that T-Mobile has sold all the devices it has available to ship by October 22, the launch day.

As they are both aimed at consumers, many people are eagerly watching to see how Android is going to do against Apple's iPhone. So far, Google's offering seems to be holding its own.

Having 1.5 million people pre-order the T-Mobile G1 stands up well against the one million iPhone 3Gs sold during the launch weekend. But the competition has just barely gotten started, and only time will tell how these two will do against each other and the other mobile operating systems, like Symbian, Windows Mobile, and Palm OS.

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