Welcome to Neowin v5 Finity

We are pleased to release Finity, the next evolution after Shift (launched in April 2006). We have worked with staff and the MVC group to achieve this and after 3 major design proposals we believe we have taken Neowin to the next level in design. We hope you enjoy Neowin's new look as much as we do!

The Finity design was built on the back of ideas and proposals from our registered members & MVC group, with design proposals (image mock's) by Jason Kelley, XHTML 1.0 Strict HTML coding & CSS mark up by Tim Kimberl, javascript by Rob Wright, PHP (back end) code by Marcel Klum, with Steven Parker leading the team.

Changes to the layout

Since 2001, Neowin has always had separate categories for Main, Software and Gamers news, we further improved on this by adding tabs at the top of the page (with Shift v4, in October 2006), after feedback showed that many readers were unaware of the separate news pages.

With the new Finity design we have opted to display all of the news categories on the main entry page of Neowin, with the option to display all news of a certain category by selecting it from the main menu in the header, or by clicking on the category bar above the news title of an article page.

Example of news header for Microsoft news from the main page

This allows us to display news from every category on the main page, and also allows readers to catch up on news in a certain category. The "Around the Web" section was added to the main page so that we are finally able to separate syndicated news, from our own original submissions.

Your feedback is welcome!

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