2 Hardware Reviews (Ram and Mainboard)

Corsair TWINX PC3200 Dual Channel Memory Kit

With motherboard technologies such as the nForce 2 and Granite Bay, Corsair has released their TWINX memory kits to take advantage of the dual channel memory technology.

"The Corsair TWINX on the otherhand, allowed for a 452MHz memory overclock, up from 400MHz. I tested the same overclocks using each TWINX stick individually, and although I didn't score higher, both sticks topped out at 452MHz."

News source: ViperLair.com

Abit NF7-M (nForce2 IGP) Review

When we took our first look at the nForce2 chipset, we were very impressed overall with the performance that it provided, along with some of the more unique features it brought to the surface, such as it's DualDDR technology. At that time, the only motherboards that were available were based off of the SPP Northbridge, however in recent weeks the new IGP Northbridge has made its way onto the market. Today we'll be taking a look at Abit's nForce2 IGP offering, the NF7-M. The NF7-S has received a large amount of praise, especially in its later PCB revisions. Will the NF7-M live up to our expectations?

News source: mbreview.com

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