2006 full of broadband promise

In the Chinese calendar the symbol changes every year. 2006 will be the year of the dog but in the world of technology, broadband has remained top dog for the last five years.
The trajectory for broadband has been on a sharp upward curve during that time. N
ext year looks like continuing this trend, with more people turning to broadband, even more increases to the speeds available to people and a wider variety of broadband-enabled services.

Speed alone will not be enough and the key things will be to develop the services that broadband allows, say analysts. J
upiter analyst Ian Fogg predicted it will be a year of conflict in the two key areas of broadband development - TV and telephony. "
They will be the battlegrounds for 2006 as tensions rise between what internet service providers and third party organisations will offer," he said.

News source: BBC 
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