AcuRite bricks its own smartHUB devices with bad firmware

Digital weather stations have been around for a while and have more recently begun to reach out to the internet to publish real-time data. A good number of these solutions rely upon a dedicated device, in the form of an internet bridge, to obtain an internet connection. In most circumstances, these internet bridges utilize a wired Ethernet connection to the local network and a wireless connection to the weather station.

One such manufacturer, AcuRite, offers its own smartHUB device, which enables internet connectivity for its 'My AcuRite' compatible sensors. Upon first power up, the smartHUB, also known as the 'Acu-Link Internet Bridge' attempts to connect to the My AcuRite servers in order to download the latest firmware. This process is repeated at regular intervals to ensure that the device remains up to date.

However, according to the official support forum, many users have complained that their smartHUBs will no longer boot or connect to the internet, effectively bricking the devices. The issues have been linked to the most recent firmware update which facilitates the migration from the company's legacy 'My Backyard Weather' platform to its new 'My AcuRite' service.

In response, AcuRite has published an FAQ page covering common migration issues encountered by customers, which includes a form to order a replacement smartHUB device should troubleshooting efforts fail.

While most users should be able to handle the short distance within their homes to attempt troubleshooting, it will be a major inconvenience to those with multiple geographically scattered devices which may be many tens of miles apart.

Thanks to sava700 in our forums for the tip!

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