Adobe solves the woes of the web; shows off Flash-to-HTML5 converter

No, Adobe hasn't made friends with Apple--they just want what's best for their developers. Adobe writer, John Nack (via SlashGear), explains a fascinating little demo that Rik Cabanier showed off during Adobe MAX.

As a developer in today's world, the assortment of platforms available forces you to create multiple versions of everything you develop. With Air, Adobe aims to remove this barrier in the app world, and is arguably, doing a great job thusfar. However, apps are only part of the story. Flash is still the most widely used technology for embedded, interactive content on the web. However, up and comming HTML5 is really starting to make a splash. So what's Adobe's solution? A Flash to HTML5 coverter, or course.

Nack points out why this shouldn't come as a shock to the tech world because...

"Adobe lives or dies by its ability to help customers solve real problems."

Now we know what Adobe CTO, Kevin Lynch, meant when he said that the company was working on some HTML5 related stuff. If Adobe can continuously push Flash as the standard, and then provide ways for developers to easily port their work everywhere else, why would developers even think to code in any other way? It's really a brilliant idea.

Keep in mind, with such a conversion tool available to Flash developers, iPortableProducts (which only support HTML5) are sure to see the rest of web at some point in the near future. However, this doesn't mean that Steve Jobs was right when he said that HTML5 was the future of the web (and not Flash). It's exactly the opposite. This move by Adobe will ensure that Flash continues its dominance for years to come.

Video demonstration below...

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