Create an Android smartphone to your liking

We've all had the problem of finding just the right smartphone for ourselves. One may be rich in features but may lack a good camera. Another may not have enough storage. Or perhaps you just want to go against the system and have a one-and-only unique phone. A new company, Synapse-Phones places you in the developer's seat of your very own Android-based smartphone.

Synapse-Phones gives you a base phone to start off with running Android 2.2. From there, you can pick and choose in all of these categories:

  • Mobile - Choose anywhere from 3G GSM to 4G with LTE or WiMAX. The option to include WiFi is also there.
  • Camera - How many MP? These cameras can record in 720p, so it just depends how crystal-clear you would like it. You may also add a camera flash or Front Facing camera.
  • Multimedia - Mini-HDMI Out? FM Radio? Audio-Out? Whatever you would like. Also a choice for a mobile television technology.
  • Built in Storage and Working Memory - Store data and make use of it!

Other components include the type of battery, size of microSD card, and what color you would like your phone to be. Currently Synapse-Phones has postponed the ability to take in pre-orders due to the sheer volume of orders they are reportedly getting, however they do note that you should be able to pre-order again quite soon.

The first batch of the custom Android smartphones is scheduled to go out in the middle of Q1 2011, with a base price of 299.00

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