Amazon-owned Zoox unveils its first fully electric driver-less taxi

You may not be familiar with the name Zoox, especially since it has yet to make a product that's available on the market. But the robotics company founded in 2014 showed enough promise that Amazon decided to buy the company earlier this year. Today, Zoox finally revealed what its first autonomous vehicle looks like with a fully functioning model, and it's certainly likely to turn some heads.

The Zoox car comes in at just 3.63 meters in length, and it doesn't have a driver seat. There are four seats arranged in a face-to-face symmetrical configuration. The inside of the car features wireless phone chargers between the riders on each side, and the interface is fully electronic, with riders using a touch screen to indicate they're ready to start the ride.

The vehicle packs a 133KWh battery, which Zoox says is the largest available on an electric vehicle right now, and it should last up to 16 continuous hours on a charge. Since there's no driver, the vehicle has no front or back, and it can go both ways as needed.

For safety, the company designed airbags that deploy in front of each passenger, guaranteeing equal protection for everyone on board in case of an accident. Of course, the car also features a 360-degree view with no deadzones, and it can see 150 meters in every direction, so it should be able to prevent any accidents that could happen otherwise. The car can also use sound and lights to communicate- it can make a sound when it's near someone who scheduled a pickup, and light signals will tell other drivers what the car will do next.

Zoox seemingly isn't ready to share a date for its vehicles to hit the road just yet. The company is currently testing its vehicles in Las Vegas, San Francisco, and Foster City.

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