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AMD may be the exclusive Starfield partner but the sun only shines on Nvidia


Back in June, AMD and Bethesda announced that the former would be the exclusive PC partner for Starfield. What this essentially meant was the highly anticipated space action RPG would be optimized for AMD hardware, i.e., Radeon GPUs on the graphics side and Ryzen on the CPU side. And while this is generally true in terms of framerate output on the graphics side, users of AMD Radeon GPUs almost all over the internet are complaining that the game does not render the sun on their RX 6000 or RX 7000 series cards.

Perhaps the issue may present on older Polaris-based RX 400 and 500 series too, as well as RDNA 1-based RX 5000 GPUs.This is not a problem on Nvidia GeForce GPUs as the sun is rendered correctly on such PCs, while on Radeon systems, apparently, the sky or things are illuminated without the source, which is the sun, even being there.

The issue was brought to the attention by a Reddit user Seblique when they noticed no sun in their sky on Starfield. Soon others on Steam also began picking up on the issue as well though interestingly there are a few who claim they do not have the bug.

The best example of the problem at hand was provided by a Reddit user Yorax who uploaded demonstrative examples of the same scene one on AMD that has no sun and the other on Nvidia where the sun is clearly visible:

Starfield sun
Starfield sun

If you guessed the screenshot on the top was captured on an AMD card you would be right though this is hardly a challenging test as the two images, despite being taken at the same place in the Skybox, are completely different as the sun is completely absent on one.

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